Joy Lettings ALP1 Villa

Additional Villa for Larger Groups

Titan Villa sleeps 8 people with comfort, or 10 people with the use of a double sofa bed in the lounge area.

A common request on the Facebook groups for the area is a request for two close villas so that larger groups can holiday together.

Although we only have the one villa, a villa 2 doors away from us is also available to rent so you may be lucky in securing two villas on the same complex. We have no agreement with the owners, but we would be happy to provisionally book your weeks whilst you try to secure your booking.

The villa is marketed by Joy Lettings ( reference ALP1 ) as a 4 bedroom private villa to rent in Hisaronu.

Titan Villa is Villa K on the diagram whilst Joy Lettings ALP1 Villa is Villa B in the diagram.


A visa is required to visit Turkey at a cost of $20 per person.

The visa is valid for 180 days. You may visit Turkey as many times as you like in this 180-day period, however all visits combined must not exceed 90 days in total.

Once purchased you must have a copy of the Visa in printed form. Some airlines in the UK will refuse you boarding to the aircraft without this paper copy so please make sure everyone in your party has this. A digital copy on your phone is not accepted.

There are some fake sites on the internet selling visas for much more than the $20 fee so please be careful where you purchase from.

The correct site run by the Turkish government is below and will not charge you more than $20 each. The site can however be temperamental so please do not leave until the last minute.

Visa and Passport

It is a requirement in Turkey to carry your passport and printed copy of your visa with you at all times.

Although this law has been in place for many years, it was rarely enforced. However the last few years it has been becoming more regular to check tourists passports and visa for compliance.

Although you may stand less chance of being stopped around Oludeniz or Hisaronu, there is a checkpoint on the road back from Fethiye where spot checks happen all the time. If visiting Fethiye we would strongly advise you always carry your passport and visa.

The Turkish government advise that your passport should be valid for at least 6 months from the date you enter Turkey and that there is a full blank page for the entry and exit stamps.

Currency & Revolut Card

Turkey uses the Lira as its currency, which is easy to obtain from all currency shops in the UK.

In Turkey though they widely use GBP, Euro and US$ in most tourist places, and in some shops they will even price in GBP, so don't feel the need to have to change up prior to visiting.

If using GBP in many of the shops, you may even get a better deal as the £ is seen as a more stable currency than the Lira and the retailers prefer to barter in £'s.

During our visit in the summer we made most of our transactions using a Revolut card. The card acts as a normal debit or credit card without extra foreign currency transaction charges, on top of that you obtain the banking rate on currency transactions instead of the tourist rate making your money go further.

The card has extra security in an app on your phone that allows you to block it, change pin, turn on and off the swipe feature, contactless, cash machines and online transactions.

Comparing the exchanges rates today (26th September 2019) for GBP (£) to Turkish Lira (TRY)
Post Office 6.69 so £1000 would be 6690 TRY

Revolut card 6.99 so £1000 would be 6990 TRY, giving an extra 300 TRY (£44.84 more currency to spend.)

Sometimes Revolut have promotions for £10 free upon signup, or free upgrades. If they are running a promotion, then you can access it using our referral link below